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Buy now pay later and other flexible, digital payment solutions available to retailers, brands and merchants. Sequra is a fast-growing FinTech company that aims to become a leading digital payment platform. The company receives support from leading global financial partners, such as Chenavari Investment Managers, who provide the company with up to €200 million in debt financing. The founders are seasoned technology entrepreneurs with solid experience. 

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Sequra can offer a complete set of digital payment solutions including "Pay Now," Invoice, BNPL ("Buy Now, Pay Later") and "Partial Payments." Users can enjoy an extremely high level of customization, to the point that they can choose the time of payment and even the breakdown and amount of individual installments. The company has a dedicated staff that will ensure the best possible integration on your website. In addition, they offer innovative in-store digital solutions for brands with physical infrastructure to increase sales and achieve cross-fertilization of their online presence and vice versa. 

Sequra claims to have no hidden agenda of cross-selling other products or redirecting traffic to our marketplace. The only goal is to maximize sales, acceptance rates and recurrence.

Sequra also offers a dedicated contact person who will continuously work to refine the integration to maximize acceptance rates. For small e-commerce merchants, the company has a complete SaaS payment solution.

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