About Us

Established in 2020, Retail Hub was created to help drive retail innovation.

Our goal is to list start-ups from across the globe making it easier to find what you are looking for and to provide trends across various sectors. We have a growing number of analysts located across the globe whose purpose is to find the start-ups and keep the platform updated.

About the Founders:



Sales Manager and expert in business development strategies

Has worked in innovative projects that involved all business levels and that respected efficiency and economicity parameters at the same time.

Talent Garden's teacher, Martha's Cottage Sales Manager and expert in business development strategies with a long-proven work experience in the service industry. He graduated in corporate economics with a Master’s in Business and Managerial Economics with his most recent experience being the Director of the Retail Institute - Italy.




Has more than a decade of experience in International Retail organizations, learning, and innovation. He has worked with major clients and agencies in Asia, Middle East, Europe, and North America. After his first experience in Shanghai, He moved back to Europe in 2009 to take the role of General Manager for Papai Italy. He became then Director for Europe in 2012, responsible for 12 different country operations, and in 2014, Massimo relocated to Chicago to become VP of Popai Global. In 2015 He moved to New York and took the role of Chairman of F.I.R.A., the international division of NRF, a network that brings together 45 retailer associations from 40 different countries.

He is CEO of Global Retail Alliance, an international association serving the retail community around the Globe, and he carries on his global approach to innovation and betterment in the international retail industry by serving on different Boards and as a member of the MIT Open Voice Commerce Commission.